• Question: If you had to choose to invent anything to help how we see and learn about space, what would you invent and why?

    Asked by ld144 to Arlene, Colin, David, Paul on 21 Nov 2012.
    • Photo: David McKeown

      David McKeown answered on 21 Nov 2012:

      I’d design a roller-coaster that would travel around the whole solar system, so people to would get to see the vast openness of space and the beauty of the planets up close. And who doesn’t love rollercoasters.

    • Photo: Arlene O'Neill

      Arlene O'Neill answered on 21 Nov 2012:

      A space elevator would be really cool, people could go in and out of space and it would only take a few hours.

    • Photo: Paul Higgins

      Paul Higgins answered on 21 Nov 2012:

      We could take Arlene’s space elevator to my space cafe, and eat some space cake and a cup of tea. Then why not hop on David’s space coaster to see the sights…